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Fraser Lab

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Lab Overview

Our laboratory has a long-standing interest in the imaging and molecular analysis of intact biological systems, and has been developing new technologies for novel assays. Our current research centers on the high-content imaging of embryonic zebrafish and analysis of craniofacial development in avians and mice.

We conduct this research at several shared imaging facilities:

Olfactory Sensory Neurons: Transgenic mouse section revealing the nasal cavity and olfactory bulbs (Image courtesy of David Koos)
Phase-variance OCT: Non-invasive 3D imaging of vasculature in the retina and choroid of the eye (Image courtesy of Jeff Fingler)
Heart Imaging: 4D imaging of the embryonic zebrafish heart (Image courtesy of the Fraser Lab)
Seminiferous Tubule: Confocal live image of a P0 (day of birth testis) seminiferous tubule (Image courtesy of Carol Readhead)