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Fraser Lab

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Translational Imaging Center (TIC)

Director: Scott E. Fraser

Contact for light sheet microscopes: Thai V. Truong (

Contact for super-resolution microscopes:
Marc Green (

Contact for confocal and other microscopes:
Cosimo Arnesano (

The mission of the Translational Imaging Center (TIC) is to develop new technologies for the imaging of biological structure and function. The technologies range from conventional light microscopy and laser scanning microscopy, to optical coherence tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) microscopy.

As these technologies are refined, they are made available to the members of the USC research community. Thus, TIC serves dual, complementary roles as a research center and as a user facility.

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3D projection of a confocal image of a zebrafish heart at 28 hpf (Image courtesy of Le Trinh)